Update bank accounts. Complete Employee Enrollment Form to change benefits. Remove Hubby’s phone from the cell phone account. Fill out the Death Benefits Claim Form to satisfy the insurance company.

Oh, and vehicle title changes. I spent more than an hour at DMV today waiting for Number 217 to be called. And since you can’t break into the numbered order to ask the expert behind the counter which form you need for updating ownership, you’re left to your own common sense.

The Application for Replacement Title from the Forms area reads: “If there are ANY changes in ownership (note the DMV usage of capital letters for emphasis) you must complete an Application for Title and Registration Form 735-226 in addition to this form.”


1 a3w-dmv


Pretty clear, right? And so I dutifully complete the Application for Replacement Title and the Application for Title and Registration Form 735-226. Twice. Two long forms for each vehicle.

Turns out, all I needed to complete was the Inheritance Affidavit, which was conveniently located behind the counter. Oh, and bring it back with the titles of both vehicles, the initial funders having signed off. Which means I look forward to another lovely afternoon at DMV.

If there is no such book entitled Widowhood for Dummies, there ought to be.