The washing machine is humming and Hubby’s side of the closet is looking bare. Declutter is my middle name. And while I’m not necessarily eager to be rid of Hubby’s things, there are men at Shepherd’s House who could use warm jackets and thick gloves and oversized flannel pajama bottoms this time of year. Oversized because Hubby’s legs and hips and abdomen had swollen with edema during his last weeks.

When Daughter Summer—you remember our Personal Pajama Shopper, right?—came home with size XXL, Hubby looked at me and deadpanned, “Your next husband will have to be extra-extra-large.”


1 a3w-clothesxxl


And so a trip to Shepherd’s House yesterday with a drop-off at Salvation Army today. These shirts of Hubby’s are keepers, though. I smell a lap quilt. Or a quilted table topper. Or something patchworked together as a sweet reminder.


1 a3w-clothesshirts


You know that old saying, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”? Well, how about this instead:

When live hands you a closet full of clothes that were once worn by the most wonderful man in the world, make quilts because that most wonderful man in the world is no longer here to stop you from cutting up his clothes.

Too wordy to become a well-worn old saying? I’ll work on it.