Gifts of food continue to arrive. Because I’ve been eating popcorn regularly for dinner, this homemade soup was a nice change. It’s not that there isn’t food in the house; it’s simply that I can get away with popcorn for dinner because there’s no one here to say, “You should probably eat something a little more dinner-ish.”


1 a3u-soup


It’s one of the benefits of living singly.

Here’s another benefit: you can dump any leftover soup in your bowl back into the pot. Because you’re the only one with whom you are sharing germs. Too much information?

I’ve not been around houses of mourning or lost many loved ones to death. And so you can imagine my amazement at the creative gift-giving that has poured in. I didn’t know people did this sort of thing to such a degree – this overwhelming show of love and compassion.

Unexpected. Lovely. Inspiring. It has forever changed how I will give gifts during times of sickness and loss.