A couple years ago, Hubby and I decluttered our garage, which nearly landed us in marriage counseling. I questioned his wanting to keep a tin of rusted and bent nails, screws and washers; he threatened to toss the boxes of Christmas decorations if I so much as touched his tin.


1 a3v-tools


You never know when you might need one, he said.

But wouldn’t you want non-rusted ones? And couldn’t you just go buy one or two as needed? Why keep a full tin of rusted stuff taking up space on the garage shelves? You see my logic over his, right?

The other day I wanted to hang the letters the grandkidlets wrote to their grandpa while he was still with us. Words of love and humor from the three munchkins who adored him. You know where this story is going, right? Yep. I needed larger nails than what I keep in the house with my girlie tools.


1 a3v-tools2


And so I found myself digging through Hubby’s tin of rusted nails and bolts and ’S’ hooks. You just never know when you might need one. Or two.