Tenacity. A favorite word of mine. Because I like the way it rolls off the tongue. Because I like what it means. Persistent. Determined. As in, determined to live well despite not-so-great circumstances.


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This describes Hubby with cancer. One tough guy. Today we walked a 3.2-mile loop of the Deschutes River trail. A new distance record for him since completion of chemo and radiation.

We’ve also resumed our after-dinner walks. Earlier this week, we came across this flower growing out of a gutter in the neighborhood. It reminds me of Hubby.


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Talk about tenacity. This flower has pluck. Hanging in there against all odds. Surviving in limited resources. Doing what it was created to do, even in less-than-desirable circumstances. Yep. Hubby.

What if we could all live our lives that way — with or without cancer?