2 last-minute Christmas gift ideas

My heart goes out to all the people who have someone to shop for and haven’t the slimmest idea what to purchase.

I have three words for you: Tea and books. One can never drink too much tea, nor read too many books.

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Tea played a critical role in my mental/emotional health and welfare during the cancer caregiving years, and afterward in dealing with the suffocating issues of widowhood.

Tea was there. Tea never let me down.

And even though tea is therapeutic all by itself, when you include a good book — that’s what I call double therapy.

If your ‘special someone’ isn’t a tea lover or a book lover yet, reflect on this:

When it comes to dealing with life’s hard places, the simple act of brewing a cup of tea and collapsing into a favorite chair with a book—candlelight, firelight, or Christmas lights lit—and silently reflecting on all the blessings that are still evident despite that hard place … well, right there, half the battle won.


Having a reason to snuggle up in a fleece blanket with a steaming mug of tea and a non-putdownable book … that’s a priceless gift to give to someone you love.


Tea and books don’t come without some challenges. This dilemma may occur:

I tried everything I could think of to get to sleep last night. Well … except closing the book. That seemed a little too extreme.


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  1. Diane Albert

    Sweet Christmas message Marlys! Reminds me of the Icelandic tradition called, “Jolabokaflod”.
    Translates to Christmas book flood. Everyone gives books to one another on Christmas Eve & then they spend the quiet night reading. Lovely!
    Merry Christmas 😊

  2. Eileen Chiechi

    Thanks for all your wisdom . Have a very wonderful Christmas and New Year. Love, Eileen

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