Opening all the holiday gifts

It was going to be a bit of a whirlwind trip. Over the snowy mountains for Thanksgiving dinner with my daughter, son-in-law, and their kiddos, including Shihoko, our Japanese exchange student from the 90s, and her family. A second Thanksgiving feast with Dan’s kids and grands and friends, and then overnight with Dan’s daughter and son-in-law.

I recorded some of the grace-filled Thanksgiving gifts of those hectic four days.

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What’s a micro-adventure?

Dan and I recently stumbled into an unplanned micro-adventure (a micro-adventure defined as short, cheap, local, and low-tech). We zipped up armored jackets, strapped on helmets, and rode Dan’s motorcycle into the mountains on a blue-sky autumn day.

What if we risked delight?

My heart is saddened by recent world events. And not just bombs and killing and war, but also ongoing poverty and deep hunger, injustices, the selling of humans into slavery, and homelessness right in our backyard.

And yet, can we risk delight? If so, how do we live in the tension of acknowledging what is broken around us, while also celebrating and appreciating what is good and fills us with joy?

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What’s the big deal about our words?

On a recent 7,800-mile road trip to Alaska that involved a horde of driving hours, Dan and I engaged in several conversations.

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Why you should tell your story

One of the things I enjoyed about our road trip through Alaska and Canada was meeting a variety of people and hearing their stories.

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Who taught the salmon to swim upstream?

Dan and I hiked up above the town of Seward and crossed a creek where pink salmon were fighting their way upstream. This isn’t the first Alaskan creek or river we’ve discovered with salmon finding their way back to the place of their birth.

Resting in the shallows

Why best-laid plans go awry

The first day of our planned trip to Alaska didn’t go as planned.

Road to Hyder, Alaska (photo: Marlys)

People: Accidental and on purpose

On the way to our mailbox down the street, I noticed a woman slowly rolling a large tire from her car to the side of her garage. My first thought was, “She shouldn’t be doing that. I’ll unload her tires for her.”

But then she fell and together we couldn’t get her up. So I called Dan who showed up just as a young couple from down the street happened by.

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You, too, can be a superhero

A superhero is typically defined as a good person with superhuman powers. But what if a superhero is really just an everyday human who chooses to do good?

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Why road trips are good for the body, soul, and spirit

Road trips. They’re so full of the promise of adventure, of seeing new places and meeting new people and learning new things.

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