No, seriously … what’s the point of physical activity?

Dan and I planned a honeymoon that would allow us plenty of time outdoors: camping, hiking, paddling, eating meals at picnic tables.

Oh, and zip lining.


Whitefish Mountain Resort — Montana

According to Harvard Health, among other things, exercise can reduce our chances of getting heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer; keep our bones strong and our joints healthy; reduce stress levels; and improve our mood and mental functioning.

There’s one more benefit not listed in the Harvard Health article: Physical activity—particularly outdoors in God’s impressive creation—can upgrade a great honeymoon to the perfect honeymoon.


Kootenai Falls — Montana

If I had to pick a favorite outdoor activity of these past couple weeks, it would have to be our ‘accidental hike’ in Glacier National Park.

It was the day we planned to drive the Going-to-the-Sun Road through the park. We knew East Glacier was closed. But we expected to make it as far as Saint Mary Lake where Dan had mapped out a couple of shorter hikes.

Alas, the road was closed well before the lake, so we turned around and parked near a burbling little creek, following it upward and into the trees …


Crossing a narrow and precarious footbridge over a mighty rushing river

… before breaking out into open spaces littered with wildflowers.

Climbing further still—above the tree line—we followed a tight trail wedged into the side of a mountain.

A total of ten miles with a significant elevation gain.

An accidental hike. Spontaneous. Fun. Rewarding.


Glacier National Park — Montana

There was this quote on one of my birthday cards a week before our wedding:

Out there, unplugged, beauty all around, we can see who we are … our strength, our humanity, our need for quiet calm. Hiking reminds us that life is best lived one foot in front of the other.

Dan and I have experienced out there these past two weeks.

We participated in the unplugged. In the beauty, the quiet calm.


Columbia River/Roosevelt Lake — Washington

What if?

What if we could slow our aging process, increase our levels of energy, and extend our quality of life?

Exercise slows the aging process, increases energy, and prolongs life. — Harvard Health

What if we could incorporate some simple movement into our everyday lives—walking, gardening, stand-up paddle boarding, bowling—for better quality of life?

And what if that better quality of life could help us manage the hard and holy moments that show up from time to time?

Signing off from Montana where we’ve been slowing the aging process, increasing our energy, prolonging our lives … and having more fun than two senior citizens ought to be allowed. Smile.

Side note

Any man who understands the importance of mid-morning tea breaks, who pours steaming Chai out of a thermos for his bride—that man’s a keeper.


Glacier National Park

I’m keeping Dan.


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  1. Fawn

    Blesses my heart to share in your adventures, God is good.

  2. Barbara Winterfeld

    Sounds and looks like a pretty perfect honeymoon for such a cute couple! Thank you for a sneak peak.

  3. What beautiful scenery! Congratulations on your marriage.

    • Thank you for your congratulations, Melissa! One of the fun things about the honeymoon was traveling on roads we’d never been on and seeing parts of the country we’d never seen.

  4. Pat Weber

    Great article and their wisdom and faith are great. Free to be who they are in the beauty of nature!

  5. Penny M. Johnson

    I was going thru these e-mails, man you’re gone for a day and the mail goes crazy!!
    Lady, you make me smile, I take a few minutes to read your words and you take me away with your
    words, I share in your joy,….. for a few minutes I share in the place that you and your hubby are making
    memories. I wish I was stronger to do some of the hiking or just plain being outside, I keep thinking
    About Heaven and that new body that will be mine….. my prayer is for your continued joy and that
    your love keeps getting stronger….sending love and hugs, and just like Calgon…..take me away!!! SMILE????????…….PJ

    • I wish you were physically stronger, as well, Penny. But your heart and attitude are strong, and you are a powerful example to us all.

  6. Carol SHERMAN

    Beautiful couple and time together out in God’s beautiful creation. You can’t beat that! May the Lord bless your life together, with many more outdoor adventures.

  7. Julie Koon

    Picturesque and romantic and wonderful in every way! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Kristen Johnson

    Sounds perfect! My kind of trip. Many blessings on your marriage!!

  9. sally slick

    Now that is a HONEYMOON! Oh yes, he is a keeper for sure – but then, so are you!

  10. Lovay Broussard

    Being out in nature is the best way to connect with one another and with our Creator and awesome artist. God is so good. Congratulations on finding someone special to spend your life with.

    • You said that well, Lovay: “Being out in nature is the best way to connect with one another and with our Creator and awesome artist.” I absolutely agree!

  11. Cyndi Barkley

    Congratulations to you both! So excited for you and your next adventure in life.

  12. Peter

    May your ‘togetherness’ keep the smiles beaming and your activity keeps you strong & alert. I had a couple of T shirts, one had, ‘Life is ever full, never dull’ on it and the other, ‘Arthritis is a pain, but activity is my medicine’. And the Nike slogan says it all…… Just do it. Our love, Bless you both. Bx P & family

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