The Jersey family is getting ready to expand. Daughter Summer and SIL Josh have just been granted legal guardianship of three young brothers from Africa.


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In preparation, an amazing group of people from their church descended upon their home with sturdy pre-owned furniture, fresh paint on bedroom walls and a re-do of the basement to create more livable space.

This extended family seems just as excited as we are to welcome three little boys into the community.

Josh and Summer return to Africa in a couple weeks to bring the boys home, but there’s still a good deal that needs to be done.

And so today, a clean coat of paint on dressers and shelves. Assembling double-wide bunk beds. Re-hanging things on freshly painted walls. Even the fourteen- and twelve-year-old pitched in.

And my part? Keeping the six-year-old entertained. We spread a blanket on the sloping lawn of a local park. Apples and crackers and granola bars were neatly arranged before being devoured. And we took a crazy amount of selfies.

Hard work, our contribution.


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Family. Some are ours by blood. Some we marry into. And some we choose.

Three young boys who came from a hard place but have managed to stick together will be able to remain together with their forever family. A house; a bedroom of their own; siblings and extended family who eagerly await their arrival; and access to a good education, good nutrition and healthcare.

This box sign – an apt description of Josh and Summer’s home:

In our home, we do second chances. We say grace. We do I’m sorrys. We play hard. We do loud really well. We give hugs. We do love. We are family.

At the park today the six-year-old made this observation: “We’re making memories, aren’t we.” Why, yes. Yes, we are.

And soon, three brothers from Africa will have an opportunity to make new memories in a community where they are already loved. We are family.