Usually sometime around Tuesday or Wednesday, he’d ask, “What are we doing for date night?” I loved it when Hubby talked that way. Even after he didn’t feel like leaving the house, I’d make a dinner run—anything that sounded good to him, anything that would entice him to eat—and we’d watch something on Netflix, which he usually dozed through after not eating his dinner. But I loved that he still wanted to keep date night alive.

And so last evening being Friday, with Hubby in my heart, I rode my bike to the beach for those fabulous fish tacos on the boardwalk.


1 a3o-ventaco


“By the basketball courts,” Son Jeremy had texted from a bitterly cold New Jersey the week before. “Just a walk-up with no seating. Not sure the name.” There’s a reason he wasn’t sure of the name. It has no name.

Two dollars for an incredibly delicious fish taco. Plus tax, which, coming from Oregon with no sales tax, don’t even get me started on how much sales tax adds to the cost of the item, and while we’re not on that topic, don’t get me started on no free paper bags. Really? I just brought business to your store. I just purchased your merchandise. And now I have to buy a paper bag in which to carry it out of your store?

But I digress.

Dinner date music was provided by this guy. (He’s not really wearing a skirt; it’s a denim shirt tied around his waist. And check out his custom roller blade wheels.)


1 a3o-venmusic


Met this handsome young man at the boardwalk. He wasn’t actually my date because I had already woofed down my fish taco. But had I met him before dinner, I would have shared. Which would have officially made him my date.


1 a3o-vendog


Retirement isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s ten times better. A thousand times better.

I’ve heard it said that if a person isn’t content single, they probably won’t be content married. I wonder if that same concept holds true for retirement? if we’re not content working, then we probably won’t be content retired?

I don’t know if that’s true for everyone, but the thought is about choosing contentment – whether single, married, working, retired, sipping Chai tea or not sipping Chai.

My weeks rush by doing all the things I want to do – writing to my heart’s content, hand-quilting the quilt I’m making from Hubby’s shirts, bike rides, reading, keeping in touch with family, with friends.

In fact, the only downside I’ve noticed about retirement is losing track of the days. Which means last evening’s Friday night date was really a Thursday night date. Something I didn’t discover until this morning.

Which means I’m gonna have to ride my bike back down to the beach this evening. Darn.