Author Mark Batterson writes:

Don’t accumulate possessions; accumulate experiences.

This was one of the lessons of cancer for us. Even though Hubby and I were both still working full-time, we decided to make more adventures and take road trips and create more memories. While there was still time. While Hubby felt like it.

Back in the day when Hubby’s job changed frequently—either the company was relocating its data processing department, or was switching to Hewlett-Packard machines from IBM—I love that we kept our old friends and made new ones in each place.

But that’s only done through intentional effort; it doesn’t happen automatically.

If Mark Batterson would allow it, I’d take his quote one step further: “Don’t accumulate possessions; accumulate experiences and people to share them with.”

This was another lesson of cancer: The accumulation of people who proved to be an amazing fortress of support when we needed it most – during those months as Hubby was slipping away from me.

June was one of those people. Venice Beach and Santa Monica are her old stomping grounds. Back in the days when she was a nurse in the Critical Care Unit at Santa Monica hospital. She visiting family in the area, and so I had my own personal tour guide for the day. Fabulous tacos at Campos Famous Burritos in Santa Monica. A walk out on the pier past merry-go-round and Ferris wheel and street entertainment to the very spot where Route 66 ends.


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And of course a long, leisurely stroll along the waves to wet our pretty toes in the Pacific before climbing the dozens of steps up the cliffside and across the bridge over the Pacific Coast Highway to locate June’s vehicle in the parking garage.


1 a3p-asmpiertoes


Which should have been an easy thing because she had written the floor level and aisle on her parking ticket. Smart girl that she is. Fourth level, east aisle. But no vehicle with Oregon plates on fourth level, east aisle.

Or fourth level center aisle. Or fourth level west aisle. Or fifth level. I’m thinking – but don’t say out loud – someone must have stolen her vehicle.

And then it dawns on June that she’s in the wrong parking structure. It should be Structure Four and not Structure Two. Why don’t they color-code these things? Just one block apart from each other. They look identical. (I told June it would have made for a better blog story had her van actually been stolen.)

Two of my mantras: Stay in touch and Get outdoors. Today, I accumulated another memorable experience. Outdoors. With a keeper. I’m keeping this friend.