Helping you discover new purpose in seasons of loss

Marlys is available for personal coaching and accountability. Inspired by her own significant losses, Marlys helps you build a foundation for living well with and after life’s crises: a serious illness, caregiving, financial setbacks, loss of a way of life, or death of a loved one.

What you can expect from me

  Prompt responses to your email and phone calls

✓  Thirteen one-hour sessions every two weeks for six months: over the phone, in person, or via Skype or FaceTime

  A link to take an online pre-paid personality assessment before your first session

Coaching discussions around topics, such as:

  Grief and managing loss


  Maintaining healthy relationships

  Getting plugged into community

  Gratitude and seeing through different lenses

✓  Prioritizing what’s most important in your life

  Finding new purpose

Action steps assigned following each one-hour session

Post-coaching communication for any feedback you might have to offer

A little about my experience

During the years I served as Survivorship Coordinator at St. Charles Cancer Center, I was caregiver to my live-in mom as she sunk further into dementia and for my husband, Gary, with late-stage cancer.

I have been widowed since November 2014, and my days are currently filled with blogging, contributing writing for national web-based organizations, coaching, national speaking, and writing a second book.

What I’m not:  Counselor

What I am:  Coach

Inquire about coaching

If you’d like to know more about the details of what I offer through coaching or want to check my availability, please contact me through the email form on this page. Thank you.